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According to technology research firm Gartner, secure email gateways “provide basic message agency functions; inbound filtering of spam, phishing, malicious and marketing emails; and outbound data loss prevention (DLP) and email encryption.”

To put that in simpler language, a secure email gateway (also called an email security gateway) may be a cybersecurity solution that monitors incoming and outgoing messages for suspicious behavior, preventing them from being delivered. Secure email gateways are often deployed via an email server, public cloud, on-premises software, or during a hybrid system. consistent with cybersecurity experts, none of those deployment options are inherently superior; all has its own strengths and weaknesses that has got to be assessed by the individual enterprise.

Gartner defines the secure email gateway market as mature, with the key capabilities clearly defined by market demands and customer satisfaction. These capabilities include:

  1. Basic and Next-Gen Anti-Phishing and Anti-Spam
  2. Additional security measures
  3. Customization of the Solution’s Management Features
  4. Low False Positive and False Negative Percentages
  5. External Processes and Storage

Secure email gateways are designed to surpass the normal detection capabilities of legacy antivirus and anti-phishing solutions. To do so, they provide more sophisticated detection and prevention capabilities; secure email gateways can make use of threat intelligence to remain up-to-date with the newest threats.

Additionally, SEGs can sandbox suspicious emails, observing their behavior during a safe, enclosed environment that resembles the legitimate network. Security experts can then determine if it's a legitimate threat or a false positive.

Secure email gateway solutions will often offer data loss prevention and email encryption capabilities to guard outgoing communications from prying and unscrupulous eyes.



Protection from Spam and Malware

Processing millions of emails per day.Global network ensures your Bluerack Email security gateway won’t miss any of the thousands of new threats discovered every hour.

  • IP reputation filtering blocks up to 90% of spam at the door
  • Anti-spam and antivirus engines catch the rest
  • Email filtering uses advanced detection methods across multiple languages

15 Ways To Protect your mailbox


An Email Security Gateway From Bluerack Technologies.

Bluerack email security gateway provides comprehensive protection against a wide variety of threats while giving administrators ultimate visibility and control to quickly and consistently apply policies across the organization. Bluerack email security gateway is built on a single cloud platform and provides better security and system performance through constantly updated threat intelligence.

15 Ways To Protect your mailbox

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Bluerack offers cloud-based email security tools and products designed to help your customers stay in control while providing secure email protection for their inbound and outbound email. 

  • Inbound and Outbound Email Security
  • Compatible with Microsoft Exchange and Office365
  • Prevent Data Loss
  • Works With Any Business Email
  • Email Archiving Features
  • Long-Term Email Archiving Services

Bluerack ESG Main Features

The perfect protection of your business

  • Spoofing Protection
  • Per User/IP/Domain authentication
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting tools
  • Automatic user locking
  • Malicious attachment blocking
  • DKIM Signing
  • Smart host settings
  • Email size restriction management
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